Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trip #2 and #3 with no clothing purchases!

These past few days have been very social ones!  I met with my friend Sheryl for lunch on Friday, Sarah on Sunday and Lisa on Monday.  On Friday, I met with Sheryl and we did a bit of window shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond.  She showed me a cooking gadget that she uses to prep her food: The Chop Wizard:

I've seen the infomercial for this gadget and always thought it was a neat tool, but I already had my Cuisinart Mini Prep.  

I think they will compliment each other and hopefully cut my prep time down.  Also, I've gotten close to cutting my finger many times and maybe it will save them from future harm ; ).  

On Saturday I met up with Sarah.  She came down to treat me to an early birthday lunch.  We usually meet at a mall to eat and shop, but instead we met at my place and walked to lunch.  It was a little over a mile each way and it made eating not feel so bad!  Maybe this year due to my resolution we can change our monthly habit and walk to places instead.  I am also hoping to get back into the water.  She and I used to surf in the morning and grab breakfast/lunch after.

Yesterday I met up with Lisa at the same shopping center that I went to with Sheryl and I didn't buy anything!  Lisa wanted to do some shopping so we did try stuff on, but I didn't blow my Loft store credit on something just to get it.  I realized that it's making me look at clothes and I'm actually thinking if I really need it and if I have something similar.  I did get a pair of undies from Victoria's Secret.  They sent me a $10 off anything birthday coupon so I got a pair of their Pink line undies.  They were $9.50 so I didn't even have to pay tax.  Lisa was in a shopping mood and found some cute walking pants and a PJ top at H&M.  I would have gotten a pair of the walking pants she bought and was really tempted.  They are great for walking our dogs.  The pockets zip and they are light weight.  They reminded me of the Lulu Dance Studio Pant that I keep eyeing.  I reminded myself that I have plenty of pants that I wear when I take the dogs out and I have a little purse I use to keep my stuff stashed and safe.  I'm sure next year H&M will have similar pants and if I need them I can get them, but for now I need to walk my dogs more than I need a new pair of pants!  

Speaking of walking the dogs I think I am going to walk them this morning!  Have a great Tuesday!

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