Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday Present from my Mom : )

My mom gave me a new iPod Touch 5th Generation!  I have an older Touch (3rd Gen?).  I realized it was getting slower and didn't have the perks of a camera/video camera.  Also, many of the newer apps and updates wouldn't run correctly.  I've had a couple of weeks to play around with my new toy and I am really happy!  My mom also got me a case and some screen protectors.  I still need to put the protectors on, but I really like having the wallet case.  Here are some pictures of my new toy!

I picked out the pink iPod Touch.  I realized that I really like pink!

Here is the wallet case that I picked out.  The Ipod snaps in easily.  There are also little pockets for credit cards or business cards.  You could probably put in paper money, too.  I haven't tried that yet.  I like having my regular wallet.

Here is another position you can put the iPod in .  You can pop it up if you want to watch a video.  I like to have it propped up when I FaceTime with my mom.

This is really a neat gadget.  I know that lots of people have an iPhone, but I just don't want to pay the high monthly fee.  Having the iPod is like getting all of the perks of an iPhone without the 2 year contract and paying $80-$100 for a plan.  My cell phone plan is really basic.  We have two numbers on the account and pay $78/month if I stay under our minutes.  We don't have texting or data attached to our plan.  It is strictly a phone plan with 700 minutes shared between 2 numbers.  I am learning how to text now.  My next post will be the apps that I really like!

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