Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I sort of fell off of the Happiness Challenge.  Their emails kept getting sent to my spam box and I would delete the messages before they got read.  The activities they did recommend and that I read always revolved around quality of food you eat and activities that you do each day.  I get that proper food and fitness helps, but what I was looking for was how to keep my happiness levels elevated during unsavory tasks that I have to do each week.  This is an area that is a work in progress and hopefully will change for the better during 2013!

On to the Bag-O-Fun!

I know it sort of looks like something that was spit out of your paper shredder, but it is a bag of activities that my hubby and I can do throughout 2013.  We have tried to do new things each weekend, but always end up doing the same stuff.  He surfs, I surf with him or go to the gym, he plays video games, I hang out on the couch with the animals and we eat at the same restaurant every weekend.  (They know us so well they don't bother giving us a menu!)  It's actually a fun and relaxing way to spend a weekend, but we do it 3 out of the 4 weekends each month.

I made 52 slips of paper and we split it in half.  We each wrote down what we wanted to do.  There are some doubles since we didn't tell each other what we wrote.  That's ok since things like taking the dogs to the beach and going bike riding are always fun activities to do multiple times.

We picked out our activities for this weekend.  The first one was to choose a venue to see a musical act sometime in 2013 and to pick another activity for this weekend.  DH wrote that one.  We checked the calendars for venues in our area, but their 2013 calendars haven't been updated so we'll keep checking. I got to pick another activity and we are going to get lunch and drinks somewhere different this weekend.  The place we are going has been remodeled so it will be fun to see how it looks!

What do you all have planned for this third weekend in January?

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