Monday, January 28, 2013

Apps I Like Post 1

I took several screen shots of my iPod that show which apps I have been using.
I really like the Pinterest and Pandora app.  The Pinterest app is really easy to use, but I wish you could change the view to landscape.  This is an issue I'm finding on many of the apps that I use.  The Pandora app is a family favorite.  We love how we can choose the type of music we want to listen to and it's free!

In my Social Folder I have 7 apps.  My favorite thus far has been the Google Voice Phone.  You can make phone calls and text from this app.  You do need to be by WiFi, but it's cheaper than being on a 2 year contract with a high monthly fee!  I also learned how to use Messages.  This is Apple's texting app.  We have an iPad and I saw it, but didn't quite know what to do with it.  Since the iPod is mine I've been playing around with the different apps and I'm not worried about messing it up.  I also like Talkatone, but I think this is linked to Google Voice (?).  The Facebook app is nice, but again you can't put it in landscape view and that makes it difficult to type.  This is my opinion.  Messenger on the other hand is linked to Facebook and you can message people and put it in landscape.  I like this, but my wrists and thumbs do get tired.  I have been using Pinger for awhile.  I only text a few people with this app.  I don't normally check it so my friends who do text me on this app know to call if they don't hear back from me in a timely manner : ).  I just really can't get on the texting bandwagon.  I like email better.  The last app that I need to talk about is Twitter.  I don't really get Twitter, but it was neat to use it this morning.  I Tweeted to a news station to find out why a helicopter was circling my neighborhood and the news person got back to me with the information.  Other than that I don't know how to use this app.

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