Friday, January 11, 2013

Connect 2 Happiness: Days 2 & 3

Well, I'm still working on day 1.  I need to find a notebook to jot down my ideas.  I know I have one laying around somewhere.  I don't want to go buy a new one.  If you have read the 1st Shopoholic book you'll understand why!

On Day 2 they recommended getting "Grounded".  What I got from this recommendation is to slow down and just take in your surroundings.  It's a bit cold here so I don't want to be without my socks, but I am taking the time to sit and observe the people and animals I cherish!

Day 3 wants you to "Boost Your Endorphins" and get moving.  I get this.  Working out makes me feel better.  I usually never regret a workout, unless I'm sick and I get worse.  Since I'm fighting a chest cold I think I will get moving, though at a slower pace!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Tomorrow's my birthday and I'm looking forward to opening my mom's gift and playing with my new toy!

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